Recruiting the best talent in your company is the priority of Symbiosis Human Resources. Using our comprehensive placement services, customized to your needs, you will save time and money by delegating your to recruitment tasks to one of our experts

Symbiosis HR team works closely by your side and with the candidates, in order to meet your specific needs. Experts in the field of Business Administration, our Chartered Accountants, experts in sales and marketing, information technology, human resources or office work will meet your requests.

In addition to offering the expertise of our various experts, Symbiosis Human Resources proposes its services to play a role in motivating your employees who were hired by our agency in your company, by using innovative strategies.

Our services will allow you to find the employee who is the most suited to accomplish the required tasks and who will perfectly fit with your existing team, but will also increase the retention of your staff. Symbiosis Human Resources offers to take charge of the full recruitment process :

  • Job offers diffusion through the exclusive network of Symbiosis Human Resources
  • Review of the applications
  • Phone interviews
  • Physical interviews
  • Behavioral evaluation
  • Development of customized tests by our experts, adapted to each of our customers’ demands
  • Verification of various critical informations (professional references, diplomas, etc.)
  • Delivery of a customized report on each candidate, with all the information previously collected and the comments of your talent acquisition specialis

Types of Placement Services

We offer the possibility to employ a candidate on a temporary or permanent basis.

Temporary Placement
A new project, a temporary replacement or probation period? So many reasons to encourage a company to opt for a temporary hiring.

Tell us your expectations about the job and its duration. We will then be able to propose candidates who are fit to your requirements. The remuneration being paid by us, you will be relieved of the administrative and accounting responsabilities associated with hiring a new employee. To guarantee that your initial expectations are met, we perform a follow up with companies and candidates in order to establish a lasting Relationship with you.

Warranty: The warranty associated with the temporary applies over the equivalent two thirds of the length determined by the contract, up to three months. Under certain conditions, if the candidate does not meet your requirements or decide to leave you, Symbiosis Human Resources will offer, free, new candidates.

Permanent Placement (our specialty)
Collaborate with us for a permanent placement and you will end up hiring a candidate as an official employee permanently within your company.

Warranty: The warranty associated with the permanent placement is applicable for the first three months of the date of hire. If the job candidate does not meet your requirements or leaves your company, Symbiosis Human Resources will offer, free, new candidates. In this situation, a new warranty for another period of three months will be granted.

Regardless of the complexity of your request, we will be able to respond promptly and professionally. Versatile and accommodating, we adapt to all your demands. The customization of our services clearly differienciates us and allows us to accurately target your needs , in order to better address them.