Since the coming into force of the Pay Equity Act, all employers whose business has six or more employees are required to report annually, as stipulated in the regulations concerning the Declaration of the Employer in terms of Pay Equity.

Symbiose Ressources HumainesIn addition, all employers whose business employs 10 or more employees must realize a Pay Equity Exercise, as well as performing a Maintenance Exercise every five years from the first Pay Equity Exercise.

Finally, for employers whose company has 50 or more employees, a Pay Equity Program must be established, and for employers whose company has 100 or more employees, a Pay Equity Committee must be formed.

Realization steps to comply with the Pay Equity Act may be long and complex, in addition to requiring technical expertise and advanced knowledge of the law. Symbiosis Human Resources, your HR consultants, offer to take care of all these procedures for you. We specialize in all-inclusive solutions, which means that we handle for you all the required steps, and we ask for your implication only when absolutely necessary, allowing the leaders of your company to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.
We have developed a thorough knowledge of the Pay Equity Act and our team is composed of experts who can satisfy all your requirements.

As our solutions are all-inclusve, they include absolutely everything: from the complete realization of your Pay Equity Exercize, through the transmission of your Declaration and the production of the required Pay Equity Displays, to the constitution of a Pay Equity Program, and the full management of the Pay Equity Committee of your business.Symbiose Ressources Humaines

We are also experienced in dealing with very busy clients, and we will adapt to your rhythm: if the requirements of the Pay Equity Act for your business are late and are urgent, we are reknowned for our efficiency and our respect of the deadlines.
If instead you would rather take your time to complete the Pay Equity process, and that your free time is very limited, we will be patient and allow you to move at your own pace.

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Initial Exercise:

Maintaining Exercise:

As with our other services, we will adapt to your requests in a professional and confidential manner. As a first step, we will establish for you the scope of required work and all the documents which will be required to demonstrate that you respect the Pay Equity Act in your business.

Our fees will be assessed according to the level of involvement required, the size of the company, your industry and the extent of retrospective work to do; but rest assured that our prices are among the lowest in the market, for the level of quality offered.

For a free consultation or to contact our Pay Equity department, the first step is to complete our online questionnaire.

(The questionnaire is unfortunately French only, as it is required by the Pay Equity Act. However, if you need assistance, please call us and we will be happy to walk you through it)

We finally invite you to read our article on the verifications carried out by the Pay Equity Commission (French only).

At any time, you can write to us at or call us at 514-448-5630 and ask to speak to a Pay Equity Act specialist.